It's really nice to have a friend visit the area during summertime. It's the perfect time to take them to some cool places and enjoy what the area has to offer: food, museums, small towns with a lot of character, historical places and, as always, places to photograph.
My best friend came to town during summer of 2022. I met her in 2009 during the days of Tumblr and Flickr and she's been the longest friendship originated in an online forum I've had. We've shared some really good times together, laughed and cried a lot, had some amazing food/drinks and especially a unique love and appreciation of all things Harry Potter and Film Photography.

I'm not kidding. And yes, we wore matching HP shirts from Threadless back in 2012. From a Film Swap we did between Venezuela and Italy, using cross-processed slide film.

Years passed by and we both ended up living here in the US. Though this country is enormous, it was nice to think that people you care about is within a reasonable distance, let's say a domestic flight. We have met a coupe of times in the last 5 years, and sometimes it always feels like time hasn't passed by, though we're not the young kids we were almost 15 years ago.
We met for the last time in 2022, as I mentioned. So it was a good time to visit different places around the Austin and San Antonio area. As always, I carried my Olympus film camera and the last Tri-X film I had in stock. The reason why these exposures are so crazy is because I had to tear down the film canister so I could get the film out of it, but that caused some weird light leaks I really love. It reminds me of the good old Lomography days.
We had some good food/drinks together, but mostly it was about crashing at our place, talk about how crazy it has been our lives for the last 10 years, to see her spend some time with my wife and daughters (she was also there the day my oldest daughter was born) and just enjoy simple things in life.
Having our families so far away, it felt nice to have that meaningful connection that felt so close to home and to times we know are past gone. But there's joy in nostalgia, and family is also the one you make along the way. So we hope we can meet again.
Thanks for the visit, O. We love you.
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