Omnia sol temperat
purus et subtilis
novo mundo reserat
faciem Aprilis

I've always loved this small excerpt of Carmina Burana. It tells us how beautiful is the beginning of Spring, which in most places it represents the birth of life, or a new chance to start and grow.

I also started shooting film recently, after a 2 year hiatus and now having a film camera of my own since I left Venezuela in 2015. I guess it was a great moment to start over, a happy coincidence. I got an Olympus OM-1 from James @ F Stop Cameras and so far I'm in love with this camera. It's like the great-grandparent of my Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mk2, and since I'm using 50mm lenses (or 25mm in Micro 4/3 format), it's a great companion and a very consistent set in terms of focal length (also, 50mm is my favorite focal length).
Olympus OM-1. Kodak Gold 400.
Austin, TX. April 2019.

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