Sometimes, you gotta start from scratch and evaluate how you've been doing things. What's right, or what I should stop doing. Try to focus on what you really want, and who you care about.

Times are changing, and so are we. Either we adapt to them, or we die. Literally. 

So we're here. A clean slate, while enjoying the ride in a more thoughtful way. Few months ago, I deleted this website, opened it up again, and then deleted it again. All my posts in social media were deleted as well. I stopped using Facebook years ago. It's funny how much effort I used to pour on social media, as a way to get some external validation or feedback, but at the same time it got scary, weird, and unnecessary.

Maybe I'm just being paranoid. But I stopped being comfortable in social media. It happens every now and then. So I'm starting over, and saving this text for whenever I start to feel the same way. And I'll likely do the same.

There has to be a lesson there, in that weird behavior. I'm still figuring it out.

Olympus OM-1. 
Kodak Tri-X.
December 2019.
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